Are you going to lie down, belly up?

At this moment our country, South Africa, seems to be under an intensified attack from criminal elements. Wherever you look there is crime and the crime is violent in most cases. That is my personal experience of what is happening at this moment in time.
We have 2 choices. We can hide away and let the criminals chase us out of our own houses, towns or even country, or we can decide that We Will Fight Back.
But in fighting Back we must be sure that we ourselves don’t become criminals! There are SO many official channels created that we can use to fight back, but in maaany instances we do not make proper use of them.
Are you actively involved in your local Community Police Forum? Are you an active role player in your local Neighbourhood Watch? Do you support the Community / Police Projects of your Community Police Forum with your time as volunteer or with your money as sponsor of needed items and material. Are you a good public speaker or educator? Are you using these talents against crime by supporting the actions of your Community Police Forum? Are you a Community Patroller or Police Reservist? It is not for everybody, but I think it is time that especially our younger men and women step up to the line and get involved in making an active contribution in a legal and tangible way to help put criminals in their place.
Have you ever seen a crime and not reported it? If you answer ‘Yes’ it means that you have been part of the problem in South Africa.
Make use of the legal options that are on the table, get involved in some way, Prove Superior in the Fight Against Crime before