Becoming Superior, Where to Start?

So you have read some of the articles on this blog and you decided that it is time to Prove Superior to the Criminals that are a threat to us all. Where do you start?

In my opinion good communication ability is of the utmost importance. If you have not read the article on Why Radio is Superior to Cellphones, please read it here

In neighbourhoods across South Africa concerned citizens have organised themselves into small groups, got some 2-Way Radio’s and support each other. It is working like a charm where it is done correctly.

One way to do it is:

Get about 15 to 20 closeby neighbours together in a radius of 500 meters around your home. Show them why radio is superior to cellphones. Tell them that the radio thing works well where it is done correctly. If 6 to 10 of these neighbours buy in to your idea, start a 2-Way Radio group on the following basis: (1) Every member must pay for their own radio, (2) Draw up a constitution and Members Register and make your group a 2-Way Radio Club. Elect a chairperson, secretary & treasurer. You can elect a bigger committee later when your numbers grow. (3) Every member must pay R50 membership per month that goes into a club account. You will need this money later to help your club grow. (I will do a follow up article later) 🙂

What radio’s to buy? You get different radio bands. Each has it’s strengths and weaknesses. For built-up areas UHF is far superior. In my opinion the RTS Bosvark radio is one of the better options and a good balance between quality and value for money. You can buy it here.
What makes these radios super is that you can start off by using them on the lisence free frequencies, and later when your club and bank account have grown you can apply for a private frequency from ICASA and program these same radios to your new frequency.

Everybody in the group will agree to keep their eyes open and to report, on the radios, all suspicious characters and activities in your little neighbourhood. If a member is in trouble and shout for help on the radio, others can assist, call the cops and ambulance etc. It is all about from the neighbourhood for the neighbourhood 🙂 Get yourself “radio active”, Prove Superior!