dfom9535smallerI use my Glock 19 for Self Defence as well as for Sport Shooting. It just makes more sense to be using your Everyday Carry (EDC) Weapon for Sport Shooting as well. Sport shooting, to me, is practice for Self Defence.

I have big hands and soon found that the Glock 19 had a tendency to move around in my hand, causing shots to go left or right of the intended target. Add to this the somewhat ‘unique’ trigger pull of the Glock and you can soon decide to rather sell it and get something bigger with a ‘normal’trigger pull. But I bought it for it’s size and low weight that makes it an excellent EDC pistol!

After some research I decided to try two of the many possible modifications to the Glock. These must be the two cheapest mods to the Glock and in my opinion the best ones that you can do.

The 1st mod is primarily for people with big hands like me. I slipped one of the slip-on rubber grips over the pistol grip of the Glock. Immediately it felt more under control in my hand, tighter. I took it to the range and could see the difference in my shooting. I shot much more accurate and less to the right or left of the intended target.

The 2nd mod was replacing the factory trigger connector with a 2Kg trigger connector that I ordered from Rescomp. A quick search on Youtube and I found two video tutorials showing all I needed to know to replace the trigger connector myself. It took me all of 10 minutes to install and I was off to the range. On the 1st five shots I could allready see that it was worth it. The trigger pull was still safe, but it was just a little more ‘crisp’ and felt more normal.

Now I have no more excuses for poor shooting. If I shoot off target now it means that I need to train more in order to Prove Superior. And when #ShitHappens I will be ready.