T’is the time to be Wide Eye’d

wideopenThose times of the year when people want to relax, enjoy, let go is usually some of the most risky times to relax and let go. Holidays are when criminal elements are at their prime because of several factors and chances are much bigger than usual that you will become a Crime Statistic.

So what can we do to avoid becoming a statistic. The short answer is “Be Paranoid”. Ok, there is a better way to say it …. Be Prepared and Be Aware.

Wherever you move around during the holidays, constantly be on the lookout for possible problems. Keep the following in mind at all times:


  • Avoid rowdy people, especially in large groups,
  • Avoid groups of drunk people who you don’t know well,
  • The same person in the same spot, doing nothing in particular day after day, possibly means trouble,

Be Aware of:

  • People who might be following you,
  • People who want to ‘help’ you at the ATM,
  • People standing too close to you in line inside the Bank or Shop,
  • People closing in on your personal space when you get close to your vehicle in a parking area,

There are actually SO many things to Be Aware of and to keep in mind that the best solution is to Be Paranoid and don’t trust ANYONE that you don’t know.

#ShitWillHappen, but if you prime your mind, if you are a little Paranoid, you will Be Prepared and you will get through the holidays without becoming a statistic.