1st Aid: 2 – Initial Assessement

IMPORTANT: I am not a medical professional or 1st Aid Instructor. This article is only meant to stimulate your thinking. Do an approved 1st Aid Course before you try to assist anybody.

Now that you know the safety status of the scene, you can proceed to give attention to the patient. Remember there may still be an active shooter in the vicinity and you and the patient may be in danger. Move Tactically, stay low, use cover.

If the victim is not responsive (awake) or is bleeding or not breathing (1) CALL FOR HELP

(2) Check if the victim’s airway is open. If not, open it. We will get to the HOW of this later in the series.

(3) Check if the victim is breathing.

(4) Check for a pulse (heartbeat)

If the victim is not breathing – Start CPR

If the victim is breathing do a Secondary Assessment:

  • Ask what happened,
  • Ask about medical conditions (diabetes, asthma, heart issues etc),
  • Ask about allergies,
  • Is the neck safe,
  • Do a head to toe examination and while doing it check for bleeding and fractures (bone breaks):
    • Feel and check around the head,
    • Feel the shoulders and down the arms one at a time,
    • Press lightly on the chest and feel around it,
    • Press on all 12 ribs,
    • Feel over stomach pressing around it,
    • Press on hips,
    • Feel down legs and feet one at a time.

If there is pain anywhere you press it can be a fracture. Pain or hardness on the stomach can mean internal injuries and bleeding.

Think, Prepare Yourself, and When Sh!t Happens you can Prove Superior!