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M-TAC Self Defence Training

The history of Kuro-Kai Self Defence comes a long way. It started in the early 1980’s when Marius Swart became involved in Karate as a primary school learner. This became a life long interest.

During the early 90’s Marius trained with the, late great, Jerry Oosthuizen and assisted him with the presenting of Self Defence classes in schools in the Eastern Free State and Qwa-Qwa region.

in 2013 the Kuro-Kai Self Defence club was born when Marius could no longer say no to the requests from women and children who wanted easy and effective self defence training.

The club members was also active in community events, like the CANSA Relay for Life and others.

It ran as a full time club for several years, having training sessions twice a week. When work commitments became too heavy, the full time training was replaced by workshops.

Training was as realistic as possible, with the senior students using more force for realism.

After taking a sabbatical from the end of 2018, the plans were to re-start Kuro-Kai Training in 2020. The COVID19 Pandemic happened and we currently hope to resume training in 2021.

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