Our Bleeding Control Courses – It Saves Lives

Since February 2018 M-TAC in co-operation with Trio-Training have presented 3 very successful Bleeding Control Courses (BCon) in the Free State province.

Our instructors have a background in Military Combat Medicine, Trauma, and 1st Aid Instruction. One is a practicing Medical Doctor and the other qualified in Tactical Casualty Care. You will search far and wide for better training 😉

While we cover the whole standardized BCon course we have added extra elements to it concerning the legalities of Bleeding Control and some elements from the Care Under Fire training usually covered in Tactical Casualty Care courses. Our students are getting more than just the normal BCon training.

For about 2 hours of your time and less money than you spend in a restaurant, this training can Save a Life, Your Life, Your Child’s Life when you least expect it.

BCon is entry level training that anybody can do, but it contains more advanced training than you would get in most 1st Aid Courses. We break the mold and bring the latest advances in Emergency Medical Technology to you.

Our 1st courses have been attended by Farmers, their wives and children, Housewives, Business people, Pre-Primary School teachers, Resort Managers and Staff and many others. While the purpose of this training is not compliance with Dept of Manpower requirements, the content is aimed 100% at saving a life in our country where criminal violence is a big issue these days.

You can become a critically bleeding victim in seconds, if you don’t know exactly what to do you will bleed to death in minutes! Take the time to get trained. Contact us before you need it!

Be Prepared When Sh!t Happens.