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Kuro-Kai will from 2018 accomodate workshops with Boys (age 10 to 14) and Women (any age) / Girls (age 10 upwards).

If you are fit enough to walk, and in good medical health, chances are you will be able to train with us.

The following fees will be charged by Kuro-Kai:

Yearly Admin Fee R70-00 once off at your 1st class.
Training Fee R80-00 Per 2 Hour Workshop.

Fees are subject to change!!


Students may test for the next level once the required training hours has been done IF the Instructor see that they are on standard.

Certificates will be issued to all successful students at no additional cost.

To Join SMS or Whatsapp 0726232155 (Only SMS or Whatsapp, no voice calls) or e-mail: