Surviving a Riot

In the past few weeks there has been reports of riots and many false stories about riots spread on social media in South Africa.

If there really is a riot, how do you survive it?

Usually where there is a riot, there is smoke. The most important thing to do if you see smoke rising in the air is: Move Away From The Smoke!

Do not let you curiosity lead you into a dangerous situation. Always move away from danger.

Especially if you live in the city, you need to make sure you know all the alternative routes between your work and home, usual shopping places and home etc. Identify the routes and sometimes use them so you get to know them well. If you suddenly need to take an alternative route to avoid rising smoke or a confirmed riot or public violence situation you need to know your alternative routes instead of just knowing about them.

Do you carry a “Get Home Bag” with you ALL the time? If not, why not?? Women have been carrying handbags for centuries. If you are one of the men that still have not caught on to why they do this and how handy it can be it is time that you get with-it 😉

A Get Home Bag is a small backpack or shoulder / sling bag in which you carry essentials (only essentials!!) that you need every day and that you might need if you are forced to be away from home for longer than you planned for (eg: taking a longer alternate route).

Some suggestions for content is: 2 x Energy Bars, Small bottle of water, daily Medication and Headache Tablets, Power bank or extra Cellphone Battery / Car Charger, Pepperspray, Handcleaner, Tissues, Small Torch etc. Each person’s needs are different.

If you do get caught up in a riot unexpectedly. STAY CALM!! Look around. Walk (NOT Run) away from the rioters. Try to not go in the direct opposite direction as this may draw attention and they might attack you for not supporting their cause. Try to turn off into a side street and move away from the riot in that way. Do NOT run! Keep Calm!

If you have a weapon / firearm with you, KEEP IT HIDDEN!! Hide expensive or expensive looking jewellery in your pocket or don’t wear them in everyday life to start with.

If the police think you are one of the rioters and want to arrest you, LET THEM arrest you! This will get you away from the danger. When they question you later you can explain. It is more important to get to a safer place than it is to not get arrested.

Have Apps with OFFLINE maps / gps on your phone that will work even if cellphone signals are lost!

I can never give you foolproof and complete advice. But, some advice is better than no advice at all. Be Prepared when Sh!t Happens. Prove Superior!