The ‘Network Radio’ Revolution has started !!

Inrico TM7 Network Radio for Base Station or Mobile use.

So called ‘Network Radio’ is the latest development on the 2-Way Radio front in South Africa.

A Network Radio is in fact, deep down on the insides, a Mobile Phone or Cellular Phone that uses the Android operating system – but it looks like a 2-Way Radio.

Is it a radio? I would say yes. All Mobile Phones are radio transceivers because they transmit and receive a radio signal to and from the nearest mobile phone or Cell tower. Basically the new Network Radios are 2-Way Radios that are using all Cell phone towers as radio repeaters.

Inrico T298S Network Radio for Portable use.

As a HAM Radio operator I recently got chatting with one or two blokes in the United Kingdom on a Network Radios channel that was set up for licenced HAM Radio Operators and people that are interested in becoming licenced HAM Radio Operators. The signal is crystal clear and there are no big antennas involved to talk from South Africa to the UK. While it is not HAM Radio, it is a damn convenient and effective way of Radio Communication around the globe.

There are now dedicated devices from manufacturers like Inrico, RFinder, Radio Tone, Sure and others that makes Network Radios a handy tool and a very cool hobby.

Many of these radios can load the ‘Zello’ app and makes using Zello a breeze on devices like the Inrico T320 and TM7. There are a few tips and tricks that you need to know about to make these devices work smoothly – like loading an app called “Best Wi-Fi Keeper” and “Netguard”.

For those who are licenced HAM Radio Operators or interested in becoming such, join the ‘Network Radios’ channel on Zello.