Stop The Bleed

This training is for everyone. NO previous experience needed. Our instructors are now Certified by the American College of Surgeons, The Committee on Trauma, to provide you with Bleeding Control Training. Our Training team consists of a Medical Doctor with practical experience in Battlefield Medicine and Trauma Care and a Primary Emergency Care official (BAA) with Practical Experience in treatment of Traumatic Injuries and training in Tactical Casualty Care. This is an informal self-help course to prepare you to assist yourself or family and is not Unit Standard accredited.

The training Curriculum of the Control The Bleed Campaign is followed and contains the following:

  • Introduction
  • Primary Principles of Trauma Care Response
  • ABC’s of Bleeding
  • Your own safety
  • Alerting of Emergency Services
  • Finding the Bleeding Injury
  • Wound Compression
  • Safe use of Tourniquets
  • Wound Packing

WHATSAPP (no phone calls) now to 0662899009 to enquire.