What is Inteligence ?

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Against the backdrop of Safety & Security – the CIA defines inteligence as the information that a nation’s leaders need to keep their country safe.

For any individual or group in South-Africa that operate in order to keep themselves or their town safe from crime / criminals /disasters, Inteligence can be roughly defined as “The Information that we need in order to keep ourselves safe in terms of Crime, Criminals, Natural or Other Disasters.”

Allthough there are many types of Inteligence we mainly need to deal with Human Inteligence (HUMINT) and Open Source Inteligence (OSINT).

Human Inteligence is gathered from talking to people in your community. All kinds of people, Good people and not so good people, can be sources of Inteligence. From the Church to the Bar can be places where Human Inteligence can be gathered.

Open Source Inteligence is Inteligence gathered from Openly Available Public Sources. Sources include the Media (Newspapers, TV, Magazines …), Web Based Communities like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Online Forums …), Public Data (Government Reports), Observation of Radio Frequencies (by persons like Radio HAM’s who are legally allowed to do it), Sattelite Maps (Google Earth) etc, Professional & Academic (Symposia, Conferences, Academic Papers …), and many other Open Sources.

What should be noted is that one should not make oneself guilty of Espionage! Espionage is defined as “A government, company/firm or individual obtaining information considered secret or confidential without the permission of the holder of the information.”

Learn all you can about Intelligence and make sure that in a difficult situation your knowledge will make you Prove Superior over the criminals.